Practicals On Missional Community

Insight and advice on how to practically launch, sustain and multiply Missional Communities, from the authors of the new book, Launching Missional Communities-- A Field Guide.

How To Be A Radical

Francis Chan talks about what a radical Christianity looks like and why it looks like that.

Urban Missional Communities – Leroy Barber

The world is moving to the city, and gentrification is the new norm. Where are the poor going and what is the implication for the church? What does the new paradigm for a neighboring ministry look like?

How To Have A Missional Meal

Tim Chester brings to light God's purposes in the seemingly ordinary act of sharing a meal - how this everyday experience is really an opportunity for grace, community, and mission.

Are You A Sojourner Or Settler?

Sojourning - Learning to live in the epic of God's Story. A sojourner is a resident that chooses to live as an alien, because he knows that his real home is in heaven with his Creator.

How Not To Make Disciples

Want to know how NOT to make disciples? In this humorous and insightful 2 minute video clip from the Verge Conference, Francis Chan begins to answer the question, "How can we make true disciples of Jesus?"

Reggie McNeal Interview – Missional Communities

Stew from Verge Network talks with Reggie McNeal, the bestselling author of The Present Future and Missional Renaissance, about his newest book called Missional Communities: The Rise of the Post-Congregational Church.

Why The Missional Movement WON’T Fail

Discipleship and disciple-making are key to any movement of the gospel. Mike Breen explains how to make missional disciples that lead to missional movements.

How To Live Sent Lives

Ed explains how Christ-followers can live sent lives by showing and sharing the love of Jesus in every sphere and domain of society.