5 Practical Ideas to Celebrate & Suffer

3. Throw more parties!

Find a major theme to throw a neighborhood party once a quarter (examples – Spring – Easter, Summer – July 4th, Fall Halloween/Thanksgiving, Winter – Christmas). Try to line them up with the major holidays celebrated by the people in your city. Hang in there and do it regularly to create a rhythm of celebration in your neighborhood. Make it something people look forward to each year.

4. Serve struggling families

Get someone with decorating and party planning skills to volunteer with you to help struggling families in your neighborhood or part of the city. Utilize the variety of gifts in your missional community to help pull it off.

5. Help with meals and needs

Offer to be the point person at your workplace to help other co-workers when they experience difficult times. Be the person who helps line up meals, or line up other needs to help them when things are rough.

Consider the following Biblical texts:

ROMANS 12:15


ACTS 2:42-47

HEBREWS 10:24-25

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