alan hirsch hands up

Apostolic Movements – Alan Hirsch

In every transformative, missional movement there is a powerful form of influence that weaves its way through the chaotic network of churches and believers. This is the nature of apostolic leadership.
Matt Carter

Jesus and Mission – Matt Carter

"If you love your mission more than you love your Savior, then your Savior will have no part of your mission." These are strong words from Matt Carter at Verge 2010 that remind us of our first love and first priority. Be encouraged by this video and feel free to share it!
Jeff Vanderstelt

Jeff Vanderstelt: Gospel Rhythms | PODCAST

"In order to lead our people to see all of life as ministry and mission we must equip them to live out the gospel in everyday activities – rhythms. We have found some transferable patterns or rhythms of life that should be lived out in light of the Gospel and our gospel identity." Jeff Vanderstelt talks about Gospel Rhythms in this main session talk from Verge 2010.
Hugh Halter 6

Hugh Halter: Workshop on the Kingdom | VIDEO

In this breakout session from Verge 2010, Hugh Halter helps us understand the concept of 'Kingdom' and gets us from "that place you go after you die" to "the new world order" here on Earth.

Dave Gibbons: The Monkey & The Fish | VIDEO

The Monkey and the Fish decodes profound shifts and events taking place in the world today due to globalism, multiculturalism and technology, and introduces an original approach to ministry, church, and leadership known as The Third Culture.
Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons: Liquid Leadership | VIDEO

In this main session talk from Verge 2010, Dave Gibbons talks about how to be a liquid leader in the middle of all the shifts that are taking place in our world today.