A Community of Unbelievers

Tim Douglas and his church find themselves working hand in hand with a community of non-believers in Katy, Texas in pursuit of reaching a diverse culture within their local community.

Finding Jesus in a Border Town

Growing up, Marco struggled with everything from violence to drug abuse to theft. Through God's redemptive love, Marco turns away from the Machismo culture around him in pursuit of a better life in Jesus.
ASCC Missional Community

Missional Community Snapshots

Three Missional Communities from The Austin Stone talk about what it looks like to collectively live on mission in their context.
God is Great

The Four G’s – God is Great

In this video in the Soma "4Gs" series, Mark Alvis shares how he has experienced the truth that God is great, so he doesn't have to be in control.

Come As You Are

Serge de Leon lives on the border of the United States and Mexico. Coming from a background full of drug abuse, violence, and alcoholism; he shares the struggles of living missionally in a culture enslaved to tradition and family.

To See for the First Time

Ridden by drugs and violence in his past, Tom shares the battle of planting a church in a community of clashing cultures in McAllen, Texas.

40 Years in the Wilderness

Sam's traumatic childhood led him to view God the same way that he viewed the people that abused him growing up. After 40 years of walking in guilt and shame, Sam finds freedom as he finds the heart to forgive those who wronged him.

Confession of a Professional Christian

Jason Howard is a pastor from Georgia who learns firsthand what it means to love even when it hurts. As a pastor, Jason often found it easy to live the safe Christian life, but realizes that loving people as Jesus did is not always nice and neat.

Missional Minded Youth Ministry

John Moores, a youth pastor from Canton, Ohio, shares how God is using missional communities to transform the lives of his students.

Reaching the Nations at Home

Amber, who was once an overseas missionary, shares how she is now reaching the Nations in her own neighborhood.

Running to the Scene of the Crime

Marti, forty-two years old and single, followed God's calling to move into an inner-city neighborhood in Richmond, VA almost seven years ago in order to help bring the hope of the gospel to a poverty and crime stricken part of town.

Goer Story: The Deaf Shall Hear

Profile by Casey Henegar Photo by Chris Hedlund Like many Austinites, Denny and Janie enjoy sports, movies, Fruity Fro-Yo and Chuy’s...
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Renovation Church – Atlanta, GA

Leonce Crump and his Missional Community at Renovation Church talk about the joys and challenges of planting a church in a diverse neighborhood in Atlanta.
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Sara’s Story – Trinity Grace Church

What if we took the words of Jesus seriously, and began to live incarnational lives? This is what Sara has by moving to the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhood in the US, to live amongst the people who need to see Jesus.
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Risk & Adventure – Alex Absalom

"I wonder if the reason why Jesus keeps this risk element in play is that it forces us to be reliant upon Him to intervene." Alex weighs in on the topic of Risk & Adventure in the life of the Christian. See what it has looked like for Alex to trust God in varying, risky situations.