How To Pray For The World In 2016

As we begin 2016, let us “devote” ourselves to prayer, “keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving” (Col. 4:2 NASB). Here are a few things (of many more) to keep in mind as we pray.

How To Extend The Grace God Has Given Your Family

God’s original hope and intention for people–all people–that their lives and families would show the world what he is really like. You may not have been raised this way, but the next best time to now.

A Field Guide Conversation with Steve Timmis

If you call yourself a follower of Jesus, God calls you his missionary. You may never go halfway around the world. You may not raise financial support. But because of God’s gospel work in you, you are on mission: to people in your work, school, neighborhood, and those in need.

A Field Guide Conversation with Matt Carter

As we prepared promotional materials for A Field Guide for Everyday Mission, I had the honor of interviewing contributors and other missional leaders, asking them to describe God’s everyday mission in their own... More...

5 Ways to Have a Missional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fun family holiday and has the opportunity to bring great joy. As you plan for this fun holiday, here are 5 ways you can make it missional.

Ferguson and Repenting of our Missional Silence

It’s time for us to repent of our silence, of our lack of actions, and of buying into the wrong cultural norms and not being appropriately counter-cultural for the good of all people. Here's how.