Kids Don’t Stick to the Script

There's a script that all Christians tend to adhere to, where everything is "fine." Kids don't stick to the script... and that is one of the best reasons to include them in your community.
Story Team - courage in suffering-4

Courage in Suffering

Speeding down Highway 71 toward a Houston hospital where her brother-in-law lay dying, Jill Garcia began praying out loud with her husband, Mike, for...
Story Team - out of the woodwork-1

Out of the Woodwork

“I think the Holy Spirit is telling us to move back to Austin.” Lauren Elliston’s words came as a shock to her husband, Keith, on that date...

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Two Lies That Keep Families From Being Missional

When talking with parents of young children about the idea of being in a Missional Community, of joining a small group of believers who work together to declare and demonstrate the gospel, I usually get one of two responses.