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Follow These 3 Rules – Dhati Lewis

We believe the Gospel changes people, and people change the world. You see I really believe the reason why we don't see more transformation is because we haven't really been transformed and changed by the Gospel.
Neil Cole

Why Churches Grow

What produces the life of the church? What makes us grow, and in turn, causes the church to grow? Find out in this short video clip by Neil Cole.
Francis Chan

What Is Wrong With The American Church – Francis Chan

"How can we have rooms of people who claim to have the Holy Spirit of God Almighty inside their bodies. God Almighty inside of you? And your life looks just like everyone else? No wonder they're shutting down the churches." Francis Chan
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7 Questions Series | RECAP

We spent several months with leading thinkers and practitioners to answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions about missional communities. Join the conversation!
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Hugh Halter: Peers, Struggles, Dangers, Successes

-7 Questions Series- Question 7: What are some stories of struggle and success that are common to Missional Communities? First, I think we have to fight as much as we can against what we would view as success because at the end of the day...