How To Extend The Grace God Has Given Your Family

God’s original hope and intention for people–all people–that their lives and families would show the world what he is really like. You may not have been raised this way, but the next best time to now.

Stop Just Going To Church

A very large majority of Christians see only a very small percentage of their lives dedicated to the mission of making disciples. It’s time to equip and mobilize Jesus’ church out of the building and into life.

4 Lies Female Worship Leaders Believe

It is easy for women to experience confusion in their roles as a worship leader or background vocalist in the Church. There 4 specific lies that have to be addressed in the Church.

Racial Justice and the Gospel

The civil rights movement succeeded not simply because the arc of history bends toward justice but because, embedded in our common humanity, we know that Someone is bending it toward a Judgment Seat.

5 Habits To Kill Apathy In Your Ministry

Leaders, artists, and writers thrive when they adapt healthy rhythms and habits. Here are FIVE HABITS that kill apathy and keep us flourishing in all the in-between-moments of life.

Who Is Your Child?

God uniquely designed your kids to reflect certain aspects of His nature. What does this mean for your parenting?