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Attention Difference-Makers, Doers, Catalyzers and Innovators


Unforeseen shifts in the culture...0%

The declining effectiveness of inherited methods and tools...0%

Traditional forms of evangelism and discipleship are not working...0%

There’s a problem with how

we’re making a difference

Really, the problem is that we’re not effectively making a difference

Perhaps you're still grappling with how the culture has shifted and need a relevant philosophy of ministry, discipleship and mission?

Maybe you recognize the shift in culture but are longing for a more fluent understanding of the Gospel and it’s power to change?

Perhaps you’ve shifted your thinking, recognize the Gospel as the key to change and need a new set of missional practices?

Maybe it's moving from church-as-a-corporation leadership to leadership that is based on church-as-a-family on mission?

Not only that but this kind of ineffectiveness may have you feeling frustrated, afraid and timid, or worse – ready to quit.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


And That’s What Verge Chicago Is All About

Giving you the tools, resources, know-how and practices to make a radical difference… wherever you are.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

A process that transforms your leaders and people from being individualistic, materialistic and consumeristic to being communal, sacrificial and missional

A discipleship and group formation process that leads to effective discipleship and missional engagement

The one type of community that is self-feeding, self-leading and self-multiplying (and how to create them)

An overview of the 4 types of missional, disciplemaking communities (and how effective each one is - or isn't - with multiplying disciples)

The 4 things that highly effective missional communities do on a regular basis that increases the effectiveness of their evangelism and discipleship

The habits, patterns and practices of highly effective missional communities

The 4 critical things you must consider when contextualizing the gospel in evangelism

10 simple ways to practice the kind of hospitality that naturally and effortlessly leads to evangelism and discipleship

Tips for inviting non-believers into discipleship relationships in non-threatening, life-giving ways

A simple process for integrating evangelism, discipleship and mission into your everyday life

How to shrink your world so that making a difference goes from being a bunch of overwhelming projects to a natural rhythm and lifestyle

The knowledge and skills to transform ministry as the thing pastors do on Sundays to a 24/7 calling and lifestyle of all believers

An integrative process to move from “church” as a once-a-week event to “church” as a community of Spirit-empowered people

What living for Jesus looks like in the everyday stuff of life

A clear vision and practical next steps on what it looks like for your church or group to make a difference in your city (and how to avoid the most detrimental pitfalls)

The 4 things all church leaders should do to increase their missional effectiveness

Being the Body of Christ: The What, Where & How of following Jesus into ALL of God's mission

A clear vision and practical next steps for renewing your city with the gospel

…plus much, much more!

What Others Are Saying

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Would I be willing to invest in the kind of training I need to become an effective missional leader? Attending Verge Chicago could potentially be the most rewarding investment you will make as someone with a desire to make a difference.


Verge Chicago will give you vision, resources and a roadmap to make a radical difference… wherever you are.



Speakers, leaders, practitioners, artists and movement-makers who will be guiding us through our learning experience:

Founder of 100Movements, Forge Mission Training Network, and Future Travelers.

Alan Hirsch

Visionary leader for Saturate & Soma Family of Churches; lead teaching pastor at Doxa Church; Author of Saturate

Jeff Vanderstelt

Lead pastor at Blueprint Church; Director of Urban Initiatives at the NAMB; Founder: BLVD and Rebuild Initiative

Dhati Lewis

Author, Professor of church growth and evangelism at North Park Theological Seminary

Soong-Chan Rah

Rapper, spoken word poet and hip-hop artist

Jackie Hill Perry

Truth sayer, poet and hip-hop artist


Worship Leader, Recording Artist: The Austin Stone Community Church

Jimmy McNeal

Author, Speaker, Missional Mom

Helen Lee

Pastor & Elder, The Austin Stone Community Church

Matt Blackwell

Executive Director: The For The City Network

Justin Lopez

Founding Director: Verge Network & Conferences


Executive Director: Restore Strategies

Doug Phillips

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Registration opens at 8 AM

Sessions 1* & 2: 9 AM – 11:30 AM


Lunch + Unconference Gatherings: 11:30 AM – 1 PM


Sessions 3 & 4 + Breakouts: 1 PM – 6 PM


Dinner + Unconference Gatherings: after 6 PM

Sessions 5 & 6: 9 AM – 11:45 AM


Lunch + UnConference Gatherings: 12 PM – 1:30 PM


Session 7 + Breakouts: 1:30 PM – 4 PM


Saturate EveryDay:

Friday, April 22 at 6 PM – Saturday, April 23 at 3:30 PM


*Saturate is a separate training with separate registration. Click here to register for Saturate EveryDay training with Jeff Vanderstelt



Exclusive Bonus

Ever come back from a conference only to spend months spinning your wheels trying to transfer the vision, knowledge, excitement, tools and resources that you got at the event?


Instead of dealing with the frustration and ultimate failure of trying to recreate your experience, why not instead bring your leaders and people to a post-Verge event specifically designed for you both?


Verge is partnering with Saturate and Jeff Vanderstelt to bring you Saturate EveryDay, a post-Verge event specifically designed to help you as a leader get your leaders and people on the same page. Saturate EveryDay will give you and your people the practical tools, plan and next steps you’ll need to foster communities of disciples who make disciples in the everyday stuff of life.


Saturate EveryDay is for the doer… the leader who wants bring their people to get the practical next steps to put this vision into action. By bringing your leaders and people to Saturate EveryDay, you will all have a clear plan of action and practical tools for gospel saturation in your community.


And not only that, but Saturate EveryDay starts on Friday evening and ends Saturday afternoon, making it the perfect schedule to invite your leaders and volunteers to get equipped to make a difference.


At Saturate EveryDay, you’ll also get:

A vision for gospel saturation and the available tools and resources for applying the gospel to everyday life and mission.

Coaching, resourcing, and specialized support toward multiplication of Missional Communities, church transitions, and new church plants.

The 6 practices and patterns of gospel saturation and gospel fluency that will integrate evangelism, discipleship and mission into everyday life.

A renewed desire to see your families, ministries, neighborhoods, communities and cities changed through gospel saturation.

Basic skills for making disciples in the everyday stuff of life.

The next steps options and follow up that will help you integrate gospel saturation into your life.

…and much, much more!


*Saturate EveryDay is a separate event with separate registration, but because of our unique partnership you are able to attend both Verge Chicago (May 12-13) and Saturate (May 13-14) over the course of just 3 days. 

The time to start making a difference is now

Verge Chicago gives you the opportunity to take one of the most important steps you’ll ever take in your efforts to make a difference. NOW is the time to get equipped to make a difference!


By attending Verge Chicago, you can have a clear plan of action for making a difference… wherever you are.


Imagine how that would feel…

Imagine a day when your church is effectively making a difference no matter it’s place in the cultural landscape.

Imagine your people engaging in the kind of evangelism that naturally leads to effective disciplemaking.

Imagine having the kind of leadership that is natural, relational, and based on church-as-a-family, not church-as-a-corporation.

Imagine being the kind of leader and church that, if you left, your city would be rocked with sadness because of all the ways that you’re holistically and effectively restoring the city.

Imagine your leaders and church equipped with the tools and practices to make a difference in your families, neighborhoods, communities and cities.

Imagine becoming fluent in the gospel and gaining the vision and tools for gospel saturation in your community.

Now is the time to become a more effective difference-maker. If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Now’s the time to take a step and register. Effectively making a difference begins now.


Register now for Verge Chicago and join us.


See you in Chicago!


– Stew

Spots are filling up quickly, so register today:


Park Community Church

1001 N Crosby St.
Chicago, IL 60610

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