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Leadership in the Image of God

Redemptive leadership really bears in mind that those that we're leading are made in the image of God. This has really profound implications on the way that we lead. Find out how and why.

Character First

Order matters. This is true for massive, complex projects like launching something into space (see: launch sequence), and it is also true for small, simple things like baking. Across the board, when you get...
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4 Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah

Leadership tends to define itself better in person than on a page. In recent decades leadership has vaulted to the forefront of organizational discussion, classroom research and publishing houses across the...

Three Ways to Re-Declare Vision

There has been a lot written about the importance of “casting a clear and compelling vision.” Leaders often invest a lot of time with their leadership teams crafting words, figuring out the best way to...

How Your Church MUST Be Unique

No matter the denomination, socio-economic makeup, ethnic mix, city, or geographical region, a church must have Jesus as her foundation (1 Corinthians 3:11) and her chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2:19-21). At...

How Your Church Must NOT Be Unique

While some car companies have been experts in luxury, Volkswagen has been about cars for everyday people. Volkswagen literally means “people’s car,” and they branded themselves with economic cars. For...