Why I’m Tired of Church Planting – Seth McBee

Guest post by Seth McBee It seems that there are often no churches in our cities worth joining. I say this because I see many people planting new churches rather than coming alongside churches that are...

4 Practical Ways To Multiply Disciples – Part 2

by George Patterson You can multiply disciples doing these four simple things: Know and love the people you disciple. Mobilize your disciples to edify immediately those they are discipling. Teach...

4 Practical Ways To Multiply Disciples – Part 1

by George Patterson Our Lord sends us to disciple every “nation” (people group) by training them to obey all His commands (Matt 28:18-20). This means that we disciple a “nation” only when it is...

5 Practical Ideas to Bless – Josh Reeves

Much of what we do is not meant to add things to the schedule, but bring intentionality to the things we are already doing. As a part of the Soma family, we often speak of living out our gospel...

God’s Mission and the Public Square – Brad Brisco

Most Christians live in the ordinary everyday world, working, making a living, raising families, paying taxes, contributing to society and culture, getting along, doing their bit. But in what sense is the life of believers living in the “ordinary” realm – what we call the public square – part of the mission of God’s people?