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The Gospel and Money

Two thousand years ago, a small band of Christians flipped the world upside down. Unbelievers would write about them, calling them crazy, not caring about their money, selling their possessions to care for the poor. Why were they able to do that? Find out here.

The Gospel and Work

God cares about work. That job you do for forty to seventy hours a week, God actually cares about it. He has called you to your profession, field and industry.

4 Things Every 20-Something Church Leader Should Know

I was able to be a part of a beautiful reconciliation between a number of churches. Here are 4 things I learned from that experience that every 20-something church leader should keep in mind when doing mission.

The Church Is Not An Orphanage

The church is not an orphanage. It is a family. But for too long the church has acted more like an orphanage, not a family. Find out what to do about it.

Why Jesus Never Commanded Us To Plant Churches

What does it reveal about our missiology and biblical convictions whenever we think it is strange to advocate that those first century church planting teams have something to teach us?

How To Experience Joy

Francis Chan reminds us to find joy even through the difficult times of ministry.

Are You an Enthusiast?

We have a lot of enthusiasts as it relates to holiness, we have a lot of enthusiasts as it relates to stewardship, we have a lot of enthusiasts as it relates to Bible knowledge and theology, but what I’ve found is that we have very few experts, very few practitioners. John O. shares why we need experts.