To See for the First Time

Ridden by drugs and violence in his past, Tom shares the battle of planting a church in a community of clashing cultures in McAllen, Texas.

Sara’s Story – Trinity Grace Church

What if we took the words of Jesus seriously, and began to live incarnational lives? This is what Sara has by moving to the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhood in the US, to live amongst the people who need to see Jesus.

Sacred Space – Soma Communities Learn more about Sacred Space.   One of the ways our communities love and serve their neighborhoods is by restoring things that are broken. This video is a story from Soma co... More...

Urban Missional Communities – Leroy Barber

The world is moving to the city, and gentrification is the new norm. Where are the poor going and what is the implication for the church? What does the new paradigm for a neighboring ministry look like?