Why is it that Human Trafficking, has become such a ‘hot’ issue that it’s now a ‘cool’ thing to be involved in the fight against it? Human Trafficking is an issue that’s as old as time; so why now are we hearing more and more about it?  I like to think that it’s finally being brought into the light by the church.

Obviously there is nothing ‘cool’ about Human Trafficking.  It’s a worldwide epidemic.  It’s heinous.  I’ve heard the worst stories imaginable, things I wish had never reached my ears. My wife and I work in Nepal, and here it plagues this nation.  I could post for you countless statistics, but I found some articles that better portray the issue. Here is one:

“Earlier this year a 17-year-old girl was raped by a 25-year-old who also filmed the incident and circulated the video via mobile and YouTube. When local authorities were informed about the crime, instead of punishing the accused, they collaborated with local bigwigs to force the victim to marry the perpetrator. In many cases, the rapist stands to make a lot of money selling videos of the crime across the border in India, and the spread of mobile phones has made it easier to record and disseminate such explicit material. Many of these sexual predators don’t just go free, but are rewarded.”

When we hear these types of stories, what is our response?

God has helped me process the horrors and magnitude of Human Trafficking through His Word.  Specifically in 2 Chronicles 20 when King Jehoshaphat and the Lord’s people come against a vast enemy, one that is so great that they have no power to stop. Yet, the first thing Jehoshaphat does is inquire of the Lord.  He prays.  He admits they have no answer, no strategy, no plan, nothing to offer in the fight.

“But, their eyes are on God.”  To which God responds; “the battle is not yours, but Mine.”

So the King and his people fall down and worship God.  They go out to meet the enemy and what do they do?  They put the praise and worship team on the front lines.  And how do they find the enemy?   All of them are dead. The enemy was defeated!

When we put prayer first and our praise and worship of Him on the front lines of battle, God will conquer the enemy while we reap a harvest of plunder.

God has shown me this in Nepal time and time again:

“A girl is walking and pulled against her will into a taxi passing by. She is drugged and unconscious on her way to the border of India. But, people gathered together and pray for this girl.  As they are praying, the girl wakes up and escapes right at the border.  She is put into a safe home, receives therapy, and eventually returns home to her family.”


“A five year old who had been raped, and her three-year-old brother who witnessed it, receives counseling.  Their needs are brought to collective prayer.  A week later the rapist is given a 20 year prison sentence, with a possibility for a longer sentence.”

How does a girl that is drugged wake up just in time?  How do corrupt judges who allow crimes of rape to go unpunished (even rewarded many times) for years finally sentence a rapist to prison for 20 plus years?  In a land of corruption, how are we suddenly seeing justice?  God works in miraculous ways when we put prayer and worship on the front lines!

“Then all the men, led by Jehosophat, returned joyfully for the Lord had given them cause to rejoice over their enemies.  And the kingdom of Jehosophat was at peace, for God had given him rest on every side.”

How do we conquer a vast enemy like Human Trafficking?  We inquire, we pray.  We fix our eyes on Him.  We put our praise and worship of God on the front lines and stand firm, expecting to see deliverance, victory, peace, and rest.  We rejoice with thanksgiving that the battle is God’s, not ours.   We have faith in the Lord our God as He upholds us with success.

Prayer may not ever be the ‘hot’ issue. And it will probably never be considered ‘cool’ to go all-in on prayer…but prayer works!  And we can all do it!  God calls us to do it!  The question remains, will we?

To learn more about the efforts that MountainChild is taking to combat human trafficking in the Himalayas please visit: www.mountainchild.org