Fighting for Feeling

[This video is a part of a series of ‘coffee conversations’.  Our hope is that these conversations about real struggles and the fight for faith will spur some conversations of your own.]

In this coffee conversation, Fabienne Harford, Becca Harris, and Jaime Ivey discuss what it looks like to live an un-wasted life. Specifically asking, how do we fight feelings of apathy? And, how do we fight FOR feeling when it comes to knowing and loving God and His Word?

 Tweet this: @verge_women discuss the fight of feelings.

Tweet this:  @verge_women discuss what it looks like to live an un-wasted life.

Thoughts to process with people

  • What does it mean to you to live an un-wasted life?
  • What are some ways people have helped you connect with God in the past?  
  • What are some truths about God that the women you minister to might need to hear?  

Thoughts to process with God

  • Have you been going through the motions with Him?  Ask Him to show you the places your heart has strayed from Him.  
  • Go to His Word and ask Him to show you how He defines an un-wasted life.  

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