6 Tips For Sharing The Gospel

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Guest post by Nick Barker

We’ve all felt it. That lingering mixed feeling of anxiety and guilt. It comes from sitting next to someone at work for a year without telling them about Jesus. It comes from wanting to invite our neighbors to Missional Community or Sunday morning, but never actually doing it. Why is it that sharing the gospel and inviting others into community are usually accompanied with so much uneasiness? It is vital that we continue to wrestle with these tensions.

As we work through how to go about faithfully sharing the gospel, here are some helpful tips for evangelism:

1. Pray

FOR REAL. Spend time praying that the Holy Spirit would lead us on mission. Jesus instructs his disciples to wait for the sending of the Spirit (Acts 1:4-5) before they go out on mission. The same is true for us today. The reality is that no fruit will come from our missional efforts if they aren’t saturated with prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2. See your Missional Community as a team

Work together with your MC on ways to share the gospel. It may be easier and less intimidating for someone else to share the gospel with the co-worker you invited over. Furthermore, we believe that God uses his church to reflect the gospel. This can be done as communities work together to intentionally display and declare the good news.

3. Listen

Mission should be done with the posture of humility and compassion. A tangible way of doing this is actively listening to what people are saying. Knowing a person’s story will allow for a more faithful contextualization of the gospel.

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