3 Practical Ways To Be Missional This Halloween


Or, Why Jesus Wouldn’t Attend The “Harvest Party” At Your Church

Guest post by Seth McBee

Halloween is coming upon us.  It’s interesting to me that for many this becomes a “hot button” topic to discuss.

Many ask the basic question:
[box type="shadow" ]Click to Tweet: Should we as Christians engage in Halloween or should we abstain?[/box]
In actuality if you start reading about Halloween’s roots, it’s hard to find an answer of where it came from. But, regardless of where it comes from, the question at hand should be: Why is Halloween celebrated today?  For most of us, Halloween isn’t a time where we celebrate the dead and go and skin a goat and sacrifice it to Satan.  For most of us, it’s a time to dress up our kids as a super hero and send them to strangers’ houses to get free candy.

It has become just part of our culture in the West and has very little to do with the “darkness”…it’s not good, it’s not evil…it’s just something we celebrate, like the 4th of July.  I know we might have stories of darkness, but there are also many stories of overdrinking and evil happening on our other holidays as well.FreeGuideMissionalHalloween330x97

The whole of the bible talks of God bringing reconciliation and redemption to all things back to himself.  To bring peace, or shalom, to all things.  Not only that but Paul speaks (1 Cor 8) to us about pagan festivals and says that there is nothing in them that is powerful, because there is only one God and everything and everyone comes through him and are because of him.

Paul then talks about eating food sacrificed to idols…saying…it’s no big deal, unless you have a brother who would be deeply hurt by it because they struggle with the idol and eating of that meat because they actually used to do those things.

Here’s how to contextualize for Halloween:




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