What Makes Missional Communities Different?

I think it is because success is still defined as attendance at an event, rather than events helping relationships become natural in the rhythms of everyday life. Small groups often try to do community and mission outside the normal routines of life by adding an event into the week, rather than redeeming everyday life with gospel intentionality and involving community into normal life.

A missional community understands the value of different kinds of gatherings. A missional community sees itself as a network of relationships with a common mission, rather than being defined by attending an event. Missional communities gather, but the gatherings have different purposes.

I have also found that often times a group will try different kind of gatherings outside of their regular meeting times (for example, Third PlaceThe Family Meal and LTG’s) a couple times, then abandon them because they “didn’t work.” I work hard to teach them that these practices are not a magic bullet, but healthy rhythms that will produce more faithful communities over time.


No community is perfect, but by the grace of God all communities can be more conformed to the image of Christ and be more faithfully used for God’s purposes.  Regardless of what category your community falls into, I hope you are challenged to think about how you can more intentionally be disciples together and make disciples of those who are far from God.

May God give us the grace to pursue the fullness of all he intended for our life together, and would we receive the joy of following Jesus and participating in the mission He has called us to!