Homeless ≠ Stupid – John O.


So, I spent last week going to an area of town called Little Five Points with the aspiration of talking about Jesus to a few people every day.  Now, understand, I’m a strategist. I’m a guy that has a strategy and a plan for everything.  When I’m invited to play a new board game with friends, I’ll sit out the first round and try to come up with a strategy before I dive in.  That’s just who I am.  So, as we were driving to Little Five last Monday & Tuesday, I thought about how I could ensure that I actually got to have a conversation about Jesus that wouldn’t get cut off by somebody having something to do.  That’s when it came to me.

I’ll try to engage someone that doesn’t have anything else to do!

Who doesn’t have anything else to do? The homeless people that are overlooked by everyone else.

Earlier in the month, as I’ve been reading books about man being made in the image of God, something stuck out to me.  We all, as beings created in the image of God, have a capacity to relate to God—that’s one of the greatest qualities we posses. My prayer has been for God to give me the people that no one else wants, and it wasn’t until this week that it all came together.  I spent Monday & Tuesday taking homeless people out to eat, and it was amazing.  Here are a few things that I learned…


I took a guy named Digger out to lunch this week.  He asked for money, and I asked if I could buy him lunch instead to which he replied, “Absolutely.”  For about an hour, I sat down and talked to Dee and asked to hear his story.  In a nutshell, he told me about his former life as an engineer who worked for GM.  Many years ago, his wife and son were in a car wreck and died.  He went into a depression, lost his job, his house, etc. With no friends, family or support system Dee was now homeless.

I was floored by how easy it was for someone to lose everything and how difficult it was to regain anything.  Dee was an intelligent well spoken individual with tons of insight about life.  Dee was a man (based on his story, which I chose to take at face value) that fell on hard times and did not have the things that we have that numb us to how easy it is for life to take a drastic turn like this.

Understanding this truth moved me from condescension to compassion.  People have back stories, and I’ve learned to reserve my judgment about their character (or lack thereof) for a time when I’ve heard them out.


Towards the middle of our conversation, after hearing him use the words “the good Lord” time and time again, I asked him for his thoughts about God.  What he said shocked me. Dee started to tell me about his belief in Jesus as the only “go between” between man and God.  He shared how he trusted in Jesus years ago to save him from his sin and how he really attempts to be led by him daily and is grateful for his provision.  He shared that he doesn’t know why his life turned out this way, but he’s confident that Jesus allowed it somehow for His good.