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A Primer For Reclaiming Discipleship In The Local Church

by Dhati Lewis

American evangelicalism has been blindsided. Our cities and our world have changed.  In our missional focus to reach the city, we have realized our inability to reach the entire urban context—specifically the individuals that don’t fit into the majority culture.  Somehow it has been accepted to do ministry and create disciples, while ignoring certain portions that aren’t as accessible; they were quarantined and unseen.

Now, however, it’s impossible to ignore what is quickly taking over.  This new urban – the dense and diverse – is transforming and shaping our culture, society and neighborhoods.  As leaders, we’d be foolish to make our mission anything other than the city in its entirety- beautiful parts and complicated. There’s no more looking the other way.

That is why In Plain Sight seeks to develop a holistic strategy for discipling America’s true urban: those in plain sight.

This free resource includes:[checklist]

  • A wholistic strategy for making disciples
  • A primer for discipleship in your group of church
  • Insights and perspectives that will shake the status quo
  • A how-to manual on reaching people you have previously overlooked[/checklist]


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