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Be a disciple…Go make disciples…Become a church full of disciples.
Everyone makes it sound so easy, but it’s not. We feel guilty about our own ankle-deep discipleship, and even worse about our ability to develop the life of Jesus in our friends. We know there’s a problem, but the answer seems out of reach, too regimented, or unrealistic for the world we live in.

This 141-page free resource will give you:[checklist]

  • A simple framework for discipleship
  • Real life stories of discipleship in action
  • Next steps for how to get unstuck in discipleship
  • A clear pathway for disciple making[/checklist]


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Resources for Following Jesus on Mission

Here’s what you can get:

15 high-impact eBooks on discipleship, mission, family, missional leadership, and following Jesus in everyday life.

A 20-part e-course that lays out a simple pathway for discipleship and mission.

Free access to a fast-growing library of the best-of-the-best resources on discipleship and mission.

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