Napkin Theology – Seth McBee

Napkin Theology is now a FREE eBook called Be The Church: Discipleship and Mission Made Simple!


As the conversation around being “missional” has come front and center within certain church circles in recent years, it seems that many of us struggle to grasp and/or explain the basics to others. This short book of simple pictures and conversations is meant to offer a starting point–a way to get, or keep, the dialogue going around some of the key issues surrounding who we are as the Church and what our mission really is.

Use this free eBook to understand, explain and illustrate the simplicity of discipleship and mission.

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For most of us a quick image describing what we desire to say is very powerful.  Below is a collection of simplistic images that we call “Napkin Theology”.  Use liberally.

“Artwork” is done by Seth McBee.

What people think Missional Community looks like. And what it really looks like.


Discipleship is about bringing all areas of our lives under the Lordship of Jesus by the power of the Spirit through the good news.


A fully formed disciple lives out the understanding of who they now are in Christ. Based on Matt 28:18-20