Are Gospel Communities on Mission Essential to Making Fully Formed Disciples?

by Seth McBee

Many people see us speaking about making disciples here at the GCM Collective.  Not only that, but we push to what it might look like to make fully formed disciples of Jesus.  We go so far as to say that you cannot make fully formed disciples of Jesus without being led and empowered by the Spirit, gospel centered, in community and on mission.

When we say this, it can shock some.  But here is why we say this. When one looks at “fully formed disciples” you’ll have to look back to the Scriptures and start asking some questions, or at least see how God has always formed his people and for what reason.

The starting point

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We see from the beginning that Adam and Eve were in community with God and that one of their main purposes was to be fruitful and multiply more image bearers on the earth to fill it with God’s glory (or more specific, image bearers of God).

Not only that but, God was the one who informed/formed Adam and Eve of their image (stating that they were very good before they did anything good or bad) and he was their Lord.

When the community of God, the people were not what God intended, he sent a flood to destroy mankind.  You’ll notice what he told Noah and his family afterwards:

And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.

Genesis 9:1

God called Abram out of his land, to be a great nation and to create a large family to show off what God was like. God made Israel a nation, to show off what he was like (not because they were great or large in number as Deuteronomy 7 points out)

God then takes this same understanding into the New Testament as Jesus calls us his church, his flock, his body, his new family to show off who God is and what he is like.