Finding Christ in the Family Room – Luma Simms

In our case, we now use three different gospel-centered books for family worship. We have five children, and their ages range from 1 to 18. For us, we needed gospel-focused books that would work in a family that has kids of all ages. So we rotate between using The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally-Lloyd Jones, The Gospel Story Bible by Marty Machowski, and Long Story Short also by Marty Machowski.

We are not perfectionists about these books. Sometimes we do one lesson or story. Other times we do more. We give the kids who can read the Bible readings to read to the family. We put the baby to bed first so he isn’t a distraction and so we’re not spending all our time trying to keep him still.

We also allow the children to choose what they want to pray for. Usually the older ones will pray for global saints and churches, the middle prays for church family members on the church prayer calendar, and our 4 ½ year old just loves to pray for his baby brother.

Now, this is just an example of our method. Don’t feel compelled to go follow it. Pray and consider the frame of your children. Maybe what is best for right now is a short prayer in the morning with a verse or something from The Jesus Storybook Bible. There was a time when teaching and reciting the Children’s Catechism was fruitful for us, and a time when it was good for us to look elsewhere. Explore different options and don’t get caught in that harsh place where the perfect becomes the enemy of the good. Don’t be too disappointed if something doesn’t work out, keep trying.

Above all, remember that the goal of any of these discipleship tools is to draw that little person’s (or big person’s) soul to Jesus Christ. We don’t need to prove our theological prowess to our children, we just need to show them the same kind of love Jesus shows us.

Luma Simms (@lumasimms) is a wife and mother of five delightful children between the ages of 1 and 18. She studied physics and law before Christ drew her to become a writer, blogger, and Bible study teacher. She blogs regularly at Gospel Grace.

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